Friday, February 11, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 12!

Day 12
Favorite Disney Parade!
SO EASY! By far my favorite parade would be the Magic Kingdom's trolley show! I always make sure I see it every time I go to the parks. I love the energy, the costumes, and the songs that are performed! My favorite part would have to be when they sing the Trolley Song from Meet Me in St. Louis. I love that song! This parade really warms my heart like none of the other parades can. Also, if I get character performer, this would be my DREAM spot to work. NERD ALERT: I may know the choreography already. :X!

30 Day Challenge: Day 11!

Day 11
Favorite Fireworks Show!

Hands down Wishes would be my favorite firework show. There is nothing like it! You stand in front of the Castle you think of anytime you hear Disney, backed up with gorgeous music, timed with beautiful lights reflected on the castle, and amazingly timed fireworks to go with it. There, in my opinion is nothing better. I swear, the ending of wishes always makes my heart beat faster anytime I hear it. Don't believe me? I watch the end of it on youtube just to hear the last of it! Its so inspiring and it really gets me everytime. I honestly feel like I'm 5 years old again everytime I see it. It makes me believe in my dreams. Amazing that a show can do something like that.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 10!

Day 10
Favorite Disney Song!
Ok I know I skipped yesterday, but you have to understand how hard this topic has been for me. There are SO many songs that I love. SO MANY! I have been thinking about what song IS my favorite, but I honestly cannot pick one. I know! I'm totally coping out but instead I think I shall make a list of some songs I die for.

1. Part of Your World- The Little Mermaid
2. I See The Light- Tangled
3. So Close- Enchanted
4. Home- Beauty and the Beast (from the musical btw!)
5. Almost There- The Princess and the Frog
6. Poor Unfortunate Souls- The Little Mermaid
7. Go the Distance- Hercules
8. What's This?- The Nightmare Before Christmas
9. I Won't Say I'm in Love- Hercules
10. There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow- The Carousel of Progress

There are 10. I wanted to make it even so I threw in a song from an attraction! And of course the songs are in red because I LOVE them all! :D I know I'm a dork, but I think its appropriate! And it's my blog so there!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 9!

Day 9!
Favorite Classic Disney Character!
Oh Minnie! How I love her so. I think one of my favorite parts about Minnie would be he sweet voice that she has. Its just makes you want to hug her! If I was short enough, I think I would love to be really good friends with Minnie. I'm certain when I leave Disney, I will have a slew of Minnie ears to last me at least 2 lifetimes. My grand children will not be wishing they had a pair!

Sorry these posts are really short.But there's not a lot I can say other than why I like the character! I'm certain there will be some more in depth posts very soon.

Monday, February 7, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 8!

Day 8!
Favorite Disney Villain!
I knew exactly what today's entry was before I even looked it up. This have been a blog I have been excited to write about. Favorite villain! And of course Hades would be my favorite. Of all the Disney villains, he is so sarcastic. He's really one of the only villains that make me laugh, constantly. And honestly, he's voiced by James Woods. How can you not go wrong there! Hades is incredibly witty and quick and I think thats why I like him so much.Another thing I do enjoy about him is that he's semi bipolar which also plays into comedy a lot. He will go from his extreme temper back to calm and collect. Lastly, who doesn't love some fire? Doesn't that just make EVERYTHING better? I rest my case.
In other news other than villains, I still have not recieved my acceptance email/ Purple Folder. Last Monday there were not acceptance emails so I think it may be the same thing today. With that being said! I am hoping for tomorrow because it marks my 2 weeks from my interview! Everything will be fine. Not going to freak out until I hear something set in stone. Waiting is a pain, but as they say, good things come to those who wait! Now today is going to be a super busy day filled with a 50's party, rehearsal, and a photo shoot! I think I will add another entry with pictures from the photo shoot if they are good. Until then kids!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 7!

Day 7!
Favorite Disney Sidekick!
I was excited to post about this one! Pascal from Tangled would be my pick. He's very loyal to Rapunzel. You may not see him in every scene but you know he's there with her. He sticks up for Rapunzel. Ok ok he may have the Napoleon syndrome a little when it comes to Flynn Rider, but he's just trying to make sure his lady is alright you know. Probably my favorite part about Pascal is that he doesn't say a word. Honestly, characters who don't talk sometimes are the ones to say the most. You know exactly how they feel on certain subject when those who do talk sometimes are more subtle in how they feel. And of course sir Pascal is not afraid to let someone know how he feels. Strong opinions. And lastly, lets face it, He's just so darn cute!

Here's a video of my sidekick. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 6!

Day 6!
Favorite Disney Animal
Alright I've gotta go with the Muppet Bunnies. My god they are so freaking cute you just can't help but love them! One of the reasons I love them so much is because they can show emotion really well. If you're confused as to what I'm talking about with watch this video. And no, I'm not talking about the REALLY big bunny. The tiny ones like the picture above. Ah. So freaking adorable.